Influence of the BIO HUMUS over the soil

Influence of the BIO HUMUS over the soil

All plants – both cultural and wild react positively to the humus in the soil. According to professionals, the water plants react the same way. No matter how and when the humus is used, plants absorb all the beneficial nutrients from it. They react with increasing intensity of vital processes and higher productivity of the organic mass, which leads to a significant increase of their biological properties.

Plants, which have been treated with humus, have developed large root system. They intensively digest food, even in terms of significantly reduced humidity. Under the influence of humus, plants survive drought and other adverse effects easier.

Fertilization with humus before planting provides significantly faster and uniform germination and growth of all cultures. The rapid growth is due to the high organic productivity of all plant species. For most cultures it is 20-30% and for some even exceed 100%. Because of the effect of the humus, the fruits have better appearance and quality and even ripe earlier.

Experiments and studies show that plants during vegetation use approximately 100% of the nutrients contained in humus. It is especially important to add the bio humus right on time. At the same time it has long lasting impact and overdose is impossible.

Regular use of bio humus not only improves soil fertility but also reduce its degradation.

Author: Vasil Aleksov

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