Why Responsibility?

Responsibility of the human being has always been a major virtue, but nowadays being responsible is particularly necessary. We live in a dynamic world where everything changes intensively and some things even irreversibly. We rarely think about what we are bequeathing to our children and how our current actions reflect on our lives tomorrow. We used to take the Planet Earth for granted and exploit it`s natural resources at any cost, not considering the growing population. But how long could this last? And at what price? Reasonable person think about these problems and seek answers for their solutions. He knows that in order to get, you first need to give – care, love, attention etc. According to recent research, the humus layer of the Earth has reduced twice for the last 100 years. Simple calculations show that the world’s population grows and the land that feeds it dies! It dies because of all the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals used for treatment, all because of human greed. But the process is not irreversible, and the fight against our own destruction begins with the desire for life –  a desire that arises in more and more people. Could we help our fertile land to restore the humus layer and at the same time get excellent yields without poisoning the planet, the food and ourselves? Solutions to complex problems are often very simple. And here comes to help another form of life – the red Californian worms, which actively help us to achieve our common goal.  They are species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material. These worms thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure. Red Californian worms are organisms selected and designed to be grown in commercial quantities and to process biological waste. The product of its life cycle is the BIOHUMUS. Not only they fertilize and enrich the soil, but they are also restoring it. A smart decision with really quality outcome.

Let us fight together!

Be Responsible!

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