Reality and Philosophy

Reality and Philosophy

Almost everyone had heard of the red Californian worm and the BIOHUMUS produced from it. The trend, being “young farmers – worm breeders” subsides. Nowadays, there are enough capable and serious producers and it is high time for appearance of a reasonable and quality product. Yes, almost everyone had heard of BIOHUMUS, but not everyone is acquainted with it. There are many manufacturers and at the same time lack of quality products. Delusion of some manufacturers and their lack of conscience and precision in BIOHUMUS production lead to worse quality results and depreciation of the product in the customers` eyes. Think about it, this is on the basis of all poor products from all kinds that are flooding the market. We as customers have to demand, seek and use quality products. These are the things that improve our lives.

BIOHUMUS production is not an easy task. It takes times, requires patience, need responsibility to the processes accompanying the formation of this product. Laboratory tests and quality certificates are compulsory, but unfortunately in terms of our reality, this often does not guarantee anything.

Bioproduction is subject to trust – trust between the human and the nature. All we need is given us by the nature and all we should do is to deserve it.

Our product is based on this philosophy!

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