The need of organic farming

The need of organic farming

According to Codex Alimentarius (collection of internationally accepted standards, practices, directions, related to food production and safety), organic farming is a complete system for production management, supporting sustainability in agro-ecosystems, including biodiversity, biological cycles and biological activity in the soil.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food in the United States uses the following definition: “A system for production with reduced or excluded application of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and stimulators”. We will add that organic farming and its leading role in environmental protection, biodiversity and health of future generations is ranked as a top priority these days.

Organic farming is based on simple and generally valid principles:

  • Maintain and improve soil fertility
  • Keeps the synergy between land, plants, animals and humans
  • Working and supporting of vital ecological systems and cycles
  • Treat a farm as an organism that exist in a particular ecosystem
  • Decrease compactness and soil erosion
  • Increases the content of humus
  • Use philosophy of nutrients recycling (composted manure, vegetable waste, use of green manures, etc.)

The roots of organic farming are from the 1980s. It has being successfully developed in western Europe and the USA, as in 1990s marks dynamic growth. Consumers` demand increase and government policy is orientating to this kind of thinking. Systematically and convincingly, the organic farming took its place in Bulgaria. Superiority over conventional agriculture becomes visible:

  • Healthy foods with high technological qualities increase their part in the whole production
  • Subterranean waters are protected from contamination by nitrates, pesticides, etc.
  • Biodiversity is increasing. Natural, local and renewable resources are utilizing
  • Soil structure and fertility is improving
  • The consumption of energy is decreasing by 50%
  • Soil erosion reduces 4 times
  • Earthworms and beneficial species are protected

One of the fastest growing markets is that of organic products, which is annually increasing by 10-15%. The bigger consumers are from developed countries in North America and Europe. The country with the most certified organic areas is Australia. It all depends on us whether our country will be among the top producers of organic products.

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